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AED 99.00

Savage by Symphony – Ode to Timeless Allure

The man’s perfume. Fresh and invigorating scent that exudes confidence and turning heads.

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“The man’s perfume. Fresh and invigorating scent that exudes confidence and turning heads.

It opens with a burst of bright and citrusy bergamot, which instantly awakens the senses and creates a feeling of freshness and vitality.

As the scent develops, it is balanced by the soft and floral notes of geranium and lavender, which add a touch of elegance and refinement. These elements create a harmonious blend that is both sophisticated and approachable, making it perfect for any occasion.

The fragrance is anchored by the warm and woody notes of cedar, which give it a sense of depth and complexity. The Ambroxan adds a touch of musky sweetness, which gives the fragrance a seductive quality that is sure to turn heads.

This scent is designed to be long-lasting, ensuring that the wearer will smell fresh and clean all day long. It is perfect for a man who is confident and self-assured, yet approachable and friendly. The fragrance strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and playfulness, making it ideal for any occasion, whether it be a formal event or a night out with friends. It is a fragrance that is sure to please, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who comes into contact with it.

Top Notes: Calabrian bergamot, Pepper
Middle Notes: Sichuan and Pink Pepper, Lavender, Vetiver, Patchouli, Geranium, Elemi
Base Notes: Ambroxan, Cedar, Labdanum”

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100 ml, 80 ml, 10 ml, 6 ml


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